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Greengreen is a Greek e-shop that sells health & beauty products.  Greengreen hosts products from different categories, such as women beauty, orthopedics, incontinence, etc.

A few words about Greengreen

Greengreen always seeks for rare product to sell that they do not exist in local market.

Greengreen prefers non known brands, and products that practically help people to make their life easier.


The challenge

Greengreen back then was selling mainly via telemarketing, and it had not built a proper online presence till then. Almost all if the sales came through telephone, and the webite traffic was mainly from users that have seen the name on television.

The website was custom made writtten in php. Greengreen had never invested in on site SEO. The website was completely SEO UNfriendly, with no meta descriptions, no optimized long-length permalinks, and enormous size images.

This SEO project was very challenging because Greengreen owner wanted to move from TV ads to online advertising, and at the same time he wanted organic increase at this website traffic.


What Was Our Approach


  1. Keyword Research
    We performed a detailed Keyword Research in both product categories and Products. From the data, we defined the most easy and competitive search queries.
  2. Taxonomies Optimization
    Based on the data of the keyword research, we changed the categories and subcategories titles, and add tags to all pages.
  3. Add Meta Descriptions
    We wrote meta descriptions to all pages. We created a sales oriented text that contained the desired keywords of each page.
  4. Product Descriptions Optimization
    We added keywords in product descriptions and add H2,H3,H4 headings.
  5. Media Optimization
    We Optimized the Images and videos of the whole website and add the appropriate Alt Text. Also we found all the large files and we decrised their size.
  6. Heading Titles Optimization
    We made the Pages Titles more clickable by writing more atractive headlines in the top pages of the website.

The Results

1 year period

The website’s daily clicks increased. Basically, more than dubled.

The website’s daily Impressions increased.

As expected, clicks dropped dramatically

However, Clicks start to increase again fast

CTR increased

Even though the number of daily clicks have affected with the new website transition, Click Through Rate increased with the new website.

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