Marketing Consulting & Training

Right choices define your business success

Train your team and overcome common mistakes that every small business do. Be aware of your strategic choices and make the right marketing decisions.

Turn your team into experts

More profit, more professional recognition, more happy customers

Highly educate your team and see imediate results. Marketernity help your team master marketing practices.

Increase speed and efficiency in your business

Do more in less time

Spend less time to think and start doing. We have the answers and we give them to you. Your wonderful team with our help undesrtnd what to do and how to do it. Having a strict guideline help your team to evolve and maximize time efficiency.

Reduce Friction in your team

Less stress, less problem solving.

Your team has Marketernity team to help her out with every painstacking tasks. You have nothing to worry about. Everything can run smoothly.

Take care of your business (and your sanity) by overcoming the small everyday difficulties


Are you familiar with the days you have planned your daily tasks, and you return home with having done a bazillion of things except for the ones you really wanted? We help you eliminate these time wasting situatuons.

Focus on the valuable tasks and let us organize all the other side tasks.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Is it something you are not sure about? Talk with us. We can present your possible options or show you the technical impimenting of your needs.

Facebook Ads Training

Do your Facebook Ad Campaigns do not work? Don’t you have the Return On Investment (ROI) you are targeting. We show you how to fix your campaigns and scale your sales.

Google Ads Training

Do you have too much spending on your ads without results? Don’t you get the conversions you want? Learn how to set up a healthy stable income source from your Google Campaigns.

Amazon PPC Campaigns Tranning

Your products are not being sold? You are an experianced marketer on PPC Google Campaigns, but your tricks do not work on Amazon? We already been there. Let us show you how to have killer Amazon campaigns that sell like crazy.

SEO audit & technical improvement

Your website does not appear in the first page of Google? You have already followed all the basic tips, but nothing happened? Don’t you know how to improve your SEO? Let’s rank you in the first page of Google.

Web Analytics Installment

Install correctly tracking codes in your website. Measure with high accuracy all the event that they are taking place in your website. Track all the necessary data accurately.

Copywritting Workshop

Write copies that sell. Improve your copywriting technics or yours and your team. Avoid common mistakes that even lange corporations do. Learn all the copywritting tricks and hacks.

consulting services

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, it’s ok. Let’s find your next step together.

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