Connect to Your Customers With Instagram Ads

Get new customers with Instagram Ads

Drive awareness, increase customers and share your story among a highly engaged audience.

Instagram Stories

High Discoverability

Instagram Ads

Hign Conversion Rate

Instagram Posts

High Engagement

The most engaging Audience

Instagram users are not just more willing to engage.

Ad recall on Instagram Ads is 2.8x higher than ad recall from all other social networks. Not only are they more likely to click or like the ad, but they’re also more likely to remember it.

Instagram users are interested and ready to engage with brands and their ads.

58x more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram than on Facebook, and 120x more likely to engage on Instagram than Twitter.

Instagram Ads is fully integrated with Facebook Ads.

You get the benefits of Facebook’s superior campaign customization options, diverse formatting, and assorted targeting capabilities combined with Instagram’s high engagement.

You will sell; It’s statistics

Every day, 300-million Instagram users visit an Instagram business page after seeing a post in their feed. Eighty percent of users follow at least one business on Instagram. And 60% have heard about a business or product through Instagram. Your Instagram store extends your digital footprint, creating new and engaging opportunities to promote your products.

Multiple targeting options to reach people who matter most to you.


Target people based in specific locations like states, provinces, cities or countries.


Narrow your audience based on information like age, gender and languages.

Lookalike Audiences

Find new people who are similar to your existing customers.


Reach people based on interests like apps they use, ads they click and accounts they follow.


Define your audience by activities they do on and off of Instagram and Facebook.

Custom Audiences

Run ads to customers you already know based on their email addresses or phone numbers.

Sell on Instagram


Drive Instagram users directly to your site. Catch their attention with outstanding posts, to present your products or services.  Encourage them to convert at their awe- moment. People are more likely to be persuaded when they are motivated by positive feelings.

Free Courses

You will find a lot of free pro tips for facebook advertising in Marketernity YouTube Channel.

Premium Courses

You can take it to the next level by buying Marketernity Facebook course in Udemy.

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