Our Mission

Help entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals in the digital world.

What we do

Scale businesses. Automate their whole revenue process, so that they make money faster and easier.

Whom do we serve

Focus on the reinforcing of the private sector. Marketernity is open to every entrepreneur and private business, regardless of their magnitude. Every single project is a serious challenge. Every morning we get up and fight vigorously for new experiences.

How do we serve our customers

Work with passion.
Believe in persistence and determination.
Understand that we truly grow only when our customer has a profit.
Client’s goal becomes our goal and we strive to accomplish it in the most effective way.
We adjust our digital methods to the specific needs of each customer.
There is no right or wrong.
It is always about finding out what works more effectively for every single purpose.


Our Vision

To boost and inspire Entrepreneurship

What are our hopes and dreams

Entrepreneurship increases wealth and changes our lives for the better. We want to inspire more people to become entrepreneurs and encourage businessmen to set even higher goals. We would like to inspire them to aim high and set goals. Hence, we contribute to the prosperity of every single individual.
Every goal humanity has ever set will be reached one day. Before we accomplish anything, let’s start by defining our goal.

What problem are we solving for humanity

What people evaluate as valuable for them is totally subjective. Entrepreneurs and businesses satisfy their needs, and customers reward them with their money by choosing to whom they will spend their money. In this totally voluntary way, the sectors considered more important to people, stand out. We choose to help businesses of the private sector since in this way we contribute to the acceleration of this process.

Whom are we inspiring to change

Inspire people to become entrepreneurs. It’s not about talent, genius, education, gender or nationality. It’s all about persistence and determination.

Our Values

For Our Customers

We earn when custumer earns

We understand that to maximize our profit, we have to increase the profit of our customers. We get paid by their money. Se we honor and respect their money.

We charge tengible results, not how difficult a task is

Customers don’t need to worry about how long something takes us, they will never need to pay for how difficult something is. We charge only our success.


Every deal is sacred

We believe in crystal clear deals. No stepbacks, no excuses. A deal is a deal.

We invest in long term relationships

It’s in our favor to keep you satisfied forever. You know that we take you seriously. And we also know that it’s easier if we have standard relationships with our clients. It’s mutually beneficial. 

For Our Team

Persistence and determination

These are all you need to evolve. Nothing else will take you that far. Talent won’t. Genius won’t. Education won’t.

Consistency and stability

It’s a true passion. It’s what you wake up every morning motivated by it. It brusting out of you in spite of everything. It comes unmasked out of your hearts and minds. If you are sure, you have the gut, it’s all you need to be a member of Marketernity.

Boldness and Decisiveness

It’s ok to make mistakes. No mistakes do those who do nothing.

Honor and Respect our client's money

We are being fed, by our customer’s money. We should always respect him. No matter how extreme we find a request, we do always our best to accoplish it.  We honor our deal. We handle their budget as careful we are with ours.



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