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Website Development

You need an eye-catching website to catch out from your competition.

You need it to be fast to not loose traffic.

You need it to be SEO friendly to be able to appear in the Google first resutls.

You can use our experiance to obtain a much better than an average website.

Our web development team is specialized in websites for:

1. Ecommerce

2. Appointment Scheduling

3. Service Presenatation

4. Bookings

Online Advertising
Social Media Marketing

Put your business in the social media platforms that your clients are using. Gain huge traffic to your website with Social Media Marketing.

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Quora

4. Pinterest

5. Tik Tok

6. Twitter

You have Goals, you need Results.

We are the Digital Marketing Agency that has a way to get you there.

Increase your ROI

Do you spend a ton of money in advertising but you have pure results? Marketernity will fix your ads to run effectively. Stop wasting money.

Sell your Products online

If you are not getting houndreds of purchases every month, you need us. It is possible. We do it every day.

Get Returning Clients

Increase your revenue by building strong trust with your customers. Retirning customers give you purchases without any ad costs. This is how you can make the difference.

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What people say about us

I have worked with the people of Marketernity for more than 2 years now and don’t intend to stop, their professionalism is beyond imagination! My company advertised on TV and had little to no online presence. Once we decided to go online and transform the company model and incorporate the digital marketing tools, marketernity was there. They helped us build our website from scratch and increased our e-sales almost immediately after starting our cooperation. What I particularly admire and mean by professionalism is the frequent feedback sessions, the feeling that they listen to you and allow you to grow on the internet the way you imagined it, but at the same time provide the necessary guidance to move in the right direction. I don’t know a lot about SEO but I know about sales and margins, and Marketernity has helped us improve both. We are now selling through our own website and Amazon, advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon and plan to expand to other media in the future. Having a payment method of a % on internet sales is also convenient to integrate with your business and also shows how confident the company is in its capabilities. I recommend everyone to work with Marketernity
Alexandros Panagiotou



I have been working with Marketernity for exactly a year and before I started I knew nothing about Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. Through our collaboration, I managed to set a site for a very difficult category, Art and Heritage, and through constant guidance, I have now reached a point of fully comprehending the needs and the way that one needs to work in order to have interaction with the public and revenue.
One of the key strengths of Marketernity is attention to detail, planning and organization. Every single project is unique and every client’s needs are a priority. Not only does one gain guidance but all the necessary tools to fully understand what their company needs in order to succeed.

Jasmine Altunyan


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